· What are they?
· When are they needed?
· Types
· Aftercare

What are they?
A bridge is a replacement tooth that is supported and attached by a crown on either end of the space. The two side teeth or ( anchor teeth ) are prepared to provide support for the bridge.
Taking care of your bridge
A bridge is made of very strong materials, but nothing is as strong as the natural tooth structure. If normal care and precautions and care are taken, a bridge can last for may years, however.
· Brush and floss with great care to clean where the crowns meet the tooth.
· Flossing must be accomplished underneath the bridge on a daily basis.
· Avoid eating or chewing on hard objects, food or ice.
Make regular visits to your dentist to evaluate the condition of the crown.

When are they needed?
To replace a missing tooth with a conventional three-unit bridge, teeth adjacent to the gap are prepared.
The custom-made bridge is fitted and adjusted.
Appearance immediately after a tooth is lost.
When a tooth is not replaced, the remaining teeth can drift out of position. This can lead to cavities and gum disease.
Types of Bridges
· Fixed or removable types
· Some fixed bridges cement over a tooth, others cement to the outside surface of a tooth

· Must clean “Under” as well as around the bridge
· There are special tools to aid in cleaning
· Floss once, and brush twice daily
· Avoid chewing on hard objects, food and ice
· Limit snacks